Ford Windscreen Adhesive Kits (MLI 501) – All-new  products: Improved handling and new materials!

Ford Windscreen Adhesive Kits (MLI 501) – All-new  products: Improved handling and new materials!

Ford has launched all-new 1-component and 2-component glazing adhesives for Windscreen replacements which are characterized by a very short drive-away time of only 1 hour with fully compliant Ford crash test specification requirements! The rapid curing kit components are developed specifically for Ford vehicles and feature new primer application tops, pre-cut or adjustable nozzles depending on the chosen adhesive type. This not only guarantees optimum height and width in adhesive application, but in combination with the quick and safe drive-away time, it forms excellent opportunities for highly time effcient quality repairs. This also makes way for higher workshop loads, less labour costs and an increased customer satisfaction!

Highly Time effcient handling
• Complete component kits offer high process reliability for rapid and clean repairs in all vehicle age segments
• Short preparation periods (one-component adhesive instantly ready for use / two-component adhesive approx. 0.5 hrs. pre-heating time)
• All – new primer application tops guarantee optimum dosage, even coating thanks to its excellent capillary effect and simple and clean handling
• Pre-cut and / or adjustable nozzles guarantee optimum height and width in adhesive application
• 1 hour drive-away time with fully compliant Ford crash test specification requirements

Excellent product specifications
Both glazing adhesive types feature a safe 1 hour drive-away time even with opened passenger  side airbag. The cold working one-component adhesive is fully dried after 24 hours when processed according to the manufacturers requirements at ambient temperature and 40 - 60 % air humidity*. The thermal processed two-component glazing adhesive cures homogenously and is therefore insensitive to external climate conditions. Please refer to the overview table on the next page for further individual specifications and differences.

*   Please note that in all other cases the full dr ying time may be extended to a certain degree.

Outstanding performance
The new Ford glazing adhesives completely fulfill the stringent Ford specifications in terms of drying time and crash test requirements. One of the examinations passed is the very extensive Florida test: the material is exposed to the sun for up to 3 months and still fully meets the specification requirements. In addition the materials are monitored on-going as per the quality assurance of a Ford specified product – offers from independent aftermarket competitors are at risk to not fully comply with the high Ford standards!

Important product details and differences

Program highlights
• Newly developed kit components especially designed for Ford vehicles
• Highly competitive prices
• Product range covers all Ford vehicles
• Complete component kits supplied
• Testing and performance according to Ford standards and specifications

How to benefit?
• Benefit from a high quality repair offer to your customers at very attractive prices

Please contact your dealer for latest prices!

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