Ignition Coils (MLI 122) –Substantial price cuts!

Ignition Coils (MLI 122) –
Substantial price cuts!

Extensive price reductions have now been introduced for the existing 2 types of ignition systems – Distributor less Ignition System (DIS) and Coil-On-Plug system (COP).
Furthermore, the MLI was split into 2 pricing categories, which improves the program transparency and better reflects the differences in design. While DIS coils usually have 4 terminals and use ignition leads to distribute the power to the plugs, the younger technology of Coil-On-Plug assemblies link the coils directly to the plugs without any additional ignition leads.

These actions provide excellent opportunities to offer Ford vehicle owners a highly competitive repair solution in each age segment in Original Equipment (OE) Quality!

Designed to perform
Ford Ignition coils are designed and thoroughly tested throughout the engine operating range in line with the strict Ford specifications. This is to ensure smooth engine running, maximum fuel economy and full compliance with exhaust emissions regulations in all driving conditions.

Strong advantages of the Ford original parts quality against competing aftermarket products are mainly achieved by:
• Patented magnets and lamination stacks for proper energy outputs
• High quality interior insulation to prevent internal arcing
• Minimized electronic noise due to very effective radio-frequency interference (RFI) suppression
• Highly economical installation procedures due to perfect fit for each vehicle application

Program highlights
• Substantial price reductions throughout the program
• Split pricing categories reflect the applied design differences
• Comprehensive product range – majority of high volume Ford models are covered
• Perfect fit and function
• Fully complies with Ford OE specifications
• Increased customer satisfaction

Call to Action
• Use this opportunity to offer attractive OE repair solutions
• Convince your customers of the great OE product advantages to make original Ford parts their preferred choice for future repairs

Please contact your dealer for latest prices!

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