The Right Clutch Kit at the Right Price (MLI 195)

The Right Clutch Kit at the Right Price (MLI 195)

The all new 3-part Clutch Kit is an extension of the already introduced 2-part Clutch Kit (clutch plate and clutch pressure plate) and additionally includes the hydraulic bearing (slave cylinder).

The new kit is cheaper compared to the 2-part Clutch Kit plus the individual slave cylinder. We have introduced 57 new applications of the 3-part clutch kits to cover the most important model versions.  

This offer is primarily targeted for drivers of Ford vehicles from segment II, III and IV.

Take this chance to order only one Finiscode and get the complete Clutch Kit set.

Product Benefits

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Available ex-stock. 
  • Manufactured to meet Ford OE quality.
  • Cheaper pricing alternative for drivers of older Ford vehicles.

Key facts

  • Approved for warranty claims.

Please contact your dealer for latest prices!

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